Friday, January 30, 2015

Some PBS updates to forward materials

Using Oren-Nayar + GGX for about everything again, but will likely switch forward rendered stuff to Disney's diffuse using fresnel + GGX for lower end laptops.  I'm actually faking the GI like effect if you can even notice from this angle.  That glowly thing on the hut is a test volume that flickers like fire, because otherwise who would notice it?  I guess posting photos works to keep interest in a project even if I'm mostly playing around with light models and content a bit here and there this week.  Kind of relaxing thing to do working on art and tech art after you code all day.

I did a little research into IK driven animation, so maybe one day the stupid viewmodel hands will sync to your actual hands in rift + move mode.  The rift IR LEDs can be seen pretty well by the EYE if you seen my gallery.  Also if it comes to it I have PS VITA 'bird shit' cards, which are standard enough.  Need to hook up my leap motion to the demo!  So much to do and so little time.  :)

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