Friday, January 30, 2015

Some PBS updates to forward materials

Using Oren-Nayar + GGX for about everything again, but will likely switch forward rendered stuff to Disney's diffuse using fresnel + GGX for lower end laptops.  I'm actually faking the GI like effect if you can even notice from this angle.  That glowly thing on the hut is a test volume that flickers like fire, because otherwise who would notice it?  I guess posting photos works to keep interest in a project even if I'm mostly playing around with light models and content a bit here and there this week.  Kind of relaxing thing to do working on art and tech art after you code all day.

I did a little research into IK driven animation, so maybe one day the stupid viewmodel hands will sync to your actual hands in rift + move mode.  The rift IR LEDs can be seen pretty well by the EYE if you seen my gallery.  Also if it comes to it I have PS VITA 'bird shit' cards, which are standard enough.  Need to hook up my leap motion to the demo!  So much to do and so little time.  :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

This photo blog thing...

So I barely got to touch VR all week given late nights at work, however I made some new physically-based shading textures and materials for a new tree model I found on blendswap.  Mostly playing around with SDL2 GameController DB support and paying bills tonight.  Hopefully I'll get around to a fully working grasping and throwing knife demo.  Will have to make a chest lock-picking and opening grasping "minigame" too.  Such rogue, much looting.

Minor update while purging tons of outdated shaders and art assets:

Friday, January 23, 2015

Linux DK2 saga in screenshots cont.

It seemed like a good idea at the time...  raining gaint swords down from the heavens is kind of fun in VR.  Maybe it's time to add back some AI monsters... but then nothing will get done... except hunting monters.  Time for bed.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Nvidia 346.35 Linux drivers on DK2 seem to help vsync.

I tried out the new Nvidia drivers for Linux tonight, and thank you very much!   My swap buffer time is *much* less.  Excuse the single eye menu / stats bug:

Installed run from:

Added this to my /etc/profile of course:

# thendrix - Add for oculus rift sync.

* 5ms typical frame in 2d
* 13ms typical frame on DK2
* Ignore the spikes which included some shader uploads over HTTP, screen caps, and such.  ;)

Edit: TwinView and 3x displays could sometimes make typical frame 27ms previous to this change if you didn't know.  These new numbers are with Twinview enabled and not using a separate X display.  Previous to this it was recommended to disable Twinview or run game in a different X display due to sync issues between 60Hz IPS displays vs 75Hz DK2.   I'm using a GTX 760 on a i7 with 6 HT cores, and my game engine uses a lot of threads.  Looking forward to getting a 970 for CV1 if it has Linux support.  :D

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

More DK2 on Linux.

So I finally got my improved input setup to a good working state in my spare time.  You can use Playstation Navigation controller(s) and Playstation Move(s) at the same time.  Rabbit wasn't here tonight, so I just hacked out a quick PSEye capture rigged to the L1 button on the nav.  The nav is currently on USB and the move on Bluetooth.  I had to invert the PSEye captures and rotate the HMD in an image editor really quick.

BTW for those new to my blog this is my little game engine you can edit map, game components, and materials; or update lua scripts and shaders via a cute HTTP interface and/or sublime text 3 while someone plays!  Makes for interesting VR experience, and that social stuff people blah blah blah about.  Right now it's Linux only, because it's a hobby project in my spare time.  Looking for an artist for a possible public demo / release this year.  ;)

OK I hacked in the ability to capture the HMD backbuffer and camera image at the exact same time real quick with a button press.  I suggest listening to The Cars - Good Times Roll while viewing.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Back to Oren-Nayar for diffuse...

Going to have to make a special screenshot capture task/job for HMD now as Linux fullscreen on DK2 flips W/H.  I had to jump out of fullscreen mode and take the HMD off to take these quick shots.  UI is fully working with navigation controller now at least.  Next stop is improved movement controls for walking around the scene, and of course move grasping and scene interaction using physics.  Also I fixed billboards ( eg particle fire ) to face HMD per eye, but they look horrible close up.   :)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

OK a few more caps...

 By request to show you can walk around and look whereever:

PostEffects enabled with both eyes in the same RT they have the same cost as with monocular rendering.

Quick fix for transparency -- still ugly

Just had to add it before going off to work.  Thanks to Rabbit for waking me up early to play with VR a bit.  :D