Thursday, January 22, 2015

Nvidia 346.35 Linux drivers on DK2 seem to help vsync.

I tried out the new Nvidia drivers for Linux tonight, and thank you very much!   My swap buffer time is *much* less.  Excuse the single eye menu / stats bug:

Installed run from:

Added this to my /etc/profile of course:

# thendrix - Add for oculus rift sync.

* 5ms typical frame in 2d
* 13ms typical frame on DK2
* Ignore the spikes which included some shader uploads over HTTP, screen caps, and such.  ;)

Edit: TwinView and 3x displays could sometimes make typical frame 27ms previous to this change if you didn't know.  These new numbers are with Twinview enabled and not using a separate X display.  Previous to this it was recommended to disable Twinview or run game in a different X display due to sync issues between 60Hz IPS displays vs 75Hz DK2.   I'm using a GTX 760 on a i7 with 6 HT cores, and my game engine uses a lot of threads.  Looking forward to getting a 970 for CV1 if it has Linux support.  :D

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