Monday, February 2, 2015

Ground work for grasping demo done

Got some assets and their physics setup while playing around with new light models and materials on previous content.  The best part is now if you try and stick your head into stuff you effectively get IK that will push the camera back in the game in a natural way.  It kind of feels like sliding your head down the wall when you try to peek through it.  Will likely do some proc animated enemies with a quick homemade ragdoll system next week if I get any free time.  Everyone loves ragdolls and physics fun.  Sword play, archery, and a little magic are still the goals for the public demo.   If you have a DK2, some move controllers, and are a Linux developer that wants to test stay in touch over the next couple of months.  Yeah hobby project.  Also looking into getting networked game sessions working again on a related note.  Coop VR RPG, anyone?  I'm looking for more CC0 and CCBy content I can modify for the demo too if you see any!  :)

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