Thursday, December 17, 2009


Working as a PS3 developer sure eats into my time. I have some news about the freyja modeling project! The freyja 10 modeler I've been working on in private svn access will not be released to the public. Instead I'm reworking it as a game engine + modeler right now mainly for demo purposes for a game concept of mine.

The project just wasn't progressing the way I liked, and to be honest removing more and more features from version to version seemed counterproductive. The new format will focus on level editing using the mesh deforming brush and a new edge/box modeling pen interface kind of like sketch up. The old standards like touch-up animation and mesh editing along with various game model format plugins will remain. Hopefully I can release this as open source once I get to good state.

The current quality isn't much to show, since I'm still wrangling a few old codebases into one. Also I dumped some or parts of my old libraries in favor of SDKs such as Bullet and COLLADA. This makes it much easier to focus on the product at hand instead of reworking underpinnings all the time. Currently the UI is multicontext OpenGL gtk+ canvases driven by my Lua gtk+/gtk# wrapper for the editor and SDL in a single context for the game. My agl graphics layer abstraction remains pretty much the same as it was a few months ago.

With luck I can post some pics of my test scene once I improve lighting. Also I reclaimed the old mailing list to at least stop some spammers. ;)