Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Freyja Python

Freyja with Python build for Win32 users support is up. Right now you don't get a full Python modules system like Linux users, because I had to bundle Python in kind 0f peicemeal. You can just copy all the *.py* files from a Python install into your Freyja directory if you need more than the provided modules.

I'll look into supporting separately bundled Python or come up with a 'modules' pack. I really don't want to have to start bundling Python for Windows. =)

Monday, January 29, 2007

Nod support

When you see screenshots like this you should think. Wow, fixing the legacy plugins is a good idea AND it might not hurt to allow material color shading for grouping. You can see that the 'two skeletons' now agree, and that's good. The bad news? I have to fix all the other plugins before I can remove this debug rendering. I might have to make it an option like the ray trace debug, and disable it by default. =)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Oblivion under WINE

Took a little break yesterday, and got Oblivion running under WINE with AIGLX.
Wine 0.9.29, Oblivion 1.1.5xx, Nvidia 9746, Installed and patched from inside WINE so the WINE Window's registry is correct.

regedit keys:
OffscreenRenderingMode fbo
VideoMemorySize 256
UseGLSL enabled

Oblivion.ini ( various tweaks )

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's your birthday - go party

Just letting you know tomarrow is my birthday. I might not be on the fourms as much as I have been this week. I guess now is a good time to announce a new Windows build of freyja should be posted tonight. It might end up being just a patch, since I haven't decided what all is going in the package yet. I don't think enough plugins have changed to warrant an all new dump.

The lineageIIraw2obj alpha 5 is up, and support for Oblivion and LineageII in VFS+plugins should be wrapped up fairly soon. I don't think I'm going to have time to add ZIP to VFS, so I'm punting that feature again. I will however take a look at Milkshape/NOD/NAD support, and tune up the animation system with a focus on getting those working well. I've seen a few reports about the 'double skeletons'. That is what we in the industry would call the debugging of two parallel systems at the same time. I'm sorry it gave you nightmares, but I'll see what I can do to resolve the skeletal system(s). Several plugins use the 'old way', and now I'm trying to also push in 'the new way'. It's just visual debugging junk.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

LineageII alpha debugging

If you want to help with the alpha test for the updated LineageII/UT mesh extraction tool and plugins in Freyja then come on over to the fourms:


There are a few screenshots up including the most complex model I've seen so far lilith. Come help debug one of the most popular plugins / tools for Freyja.

I just dropped alpha 3 of the cli test utility.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ok then...

This is becoming a blog of screenshots... one last time. Here is the fairy in all her glory for those that must have textures and shaders. I will NOT write a distortion shader or particle snow, so get over it. ;)

I always loved the art direction in LineageII. It's the best looking MMO still, however they still use GameGuard so there is no playing it in Linux anymore.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

...and fairies

Here was the model you saw in the scatter plot in it's full glory. I have the textures dumped out, but I'm too lazy/unwilling to match them up for a simple test app screenshot.

Behold, my ponies and elves!

Ok, ok... so for you doubting tomas... here's a C5 model from the latest in svn. Also here is the report footer in plain text:

# Model and report generated by lineageIIraw2obj
# by Terry Hendrix mongooseichiban@gmail.com
# Filename sailren_m00.raw
# Vertices @ 740038 x 1945
# Wedges @ 763384 x 2789
# Faces @ 791280 x 3740
# Possible count corrections:
# maxVertexIndex = 1944
# maxWedgeIndex = 2788
# First face with error: -1, No errors
# Disabled faces: 0 of 3740
# Extra wedges found: 0 preceding, 0 trailing.
# Index WedgeCount @ 763382, 2 bytes; *Agrees
# Old method VertexGuess @ 740038
# Index FaceCount @ 94, 2 bytes
# Face index set = { 58, *3740, 3, 17 }
# Old method WedgeGuess @ 763384

Sunday, January 14, 2007

New lineageII extractor

I've made an updated extractor with improved state machines for mesh pattern matching and optional interactive control. The problem is it won't always get it 100% right, since it only uses the few generic patterns I could add for now. This isn't so bad, since it also embeddeds candidates of the various mesh patterns it didn't use into it's output. You guessed it! If it doesn't extract a valid mesh you can pass in the output as input to improve pattern matching. I was going to release a brute force system that would always work, however it's very resource intensive. I might actually implement such a system with threads later just to beat up on my dual core system.

I've tested this on the male elf and several boss creatures like sailren, so it should be a good general solution albeit a pain in the ass for now. I'll post a screenshot once I make a binary for general release. There is source in svn, but doesn't have some the features I just added today.

Bad news, I found a bug for out of order wedges ( new supported feature ). I won't be posting a binary until this is fixed. The good news once I fix this you might see 100% extractions much more commonly. I'll see if I can post some screenshots of a boss later, but I want to have it spit one out perfect without my fiddling even once. ;)

The screenshot above is of an ice fairy to visualize the bug. I overlayed the text signature of the generated OBJ as well in the screenshot. If you ever played with the RE plugin in freyja you'll notice this is a common pattern caused by file stream offset displacement. It's kind of easy to fix even if you don't know what you're doing. You could just keep advancing your offset until it 'looks right'. Once I fix this bug hopefully you won't have to do that very much if at all.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Freyja 0.9.5rc3_5 patch out

New patch for Windows users up, and a new build of the 'batch tool' freyjautil. My network has been lagging out a lot lately, since I'm on wireless in the middle of all this rain yay! Anyway this patch will fix all your path relative plugin loading. From now on all Windows builds only use path relative plugins. For example if you want a binary C/C++ plugin to load it has to be in ./plugins/model or ./plugins/image from where you run the freyja.exe. No more having to move plugins from your Documents and Settings or such. The Python loader doesn't care about this at all.

No new Linux bins, but all this and more is in svn as always. Now that freyja has debian packaging in svn I'll likely be doing less binaries than ever before. If you have Ubuntu or Debian you can just get svn and run dpkg-buildpackage for each lib and then the freyja UI/client. Instant deb packages.

I hope everyone had a happy holiday, and keep those bug reports coming. I didn't get time to fix the editor bugs from the end of December yet, which is due to bumping the Windows plugin fixes ahead in the queue. I'm also going to get all the old CLI tools building and working agian as well as the 0.9.3 release or better.