Wednesday, January 21, 2015

More DK2 on Linux.

So I finally got my improved input setup to a good working state in my spare time.  You can use Playstation Navigation controller(s) and Playstation Move(s) at the same time.  Rabbit wasn't here tonight, so I just hacked out a quick PSEye capture rigged to the L1 button on the nav.  The nav is currently on USB and the move on Bluetooth.  I had to invert the PSEye captures and rotate the HMD in an image editor really quick.

BTW for those new to my blog this is my little game engine you can edit map, game components, and materials; or update lua scripts and shaders via a cute HTTP interface and/or sublime text 3 while someone plays!  Makes for interesting VR experience, and that social stuff people blah blah blah about.  Right now it's Linux only, because it's a hobby project in my spare time.  Looking for an artist for a possible public demo / release this year.  ;)

OK I hacked in the ability to capture the HMD backbuffer and camera image at the exact same time real quick with a button press.  I suggest listening to The Cars - Good Times Roll while viewing.

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