Sunday, January 10, 2010

valfreyja alpha update

I keep retooling the demo code, and it's improving all the time. The next two major items are to merge my walkmesh/raytrace IK optimization code into bullet, and pick a deferred shading or prelighting techinique I can live with. That's right almost 90% bullet physics now, and my old physics library can file for early retirement. I need to write a bullet based character controller at some point. :(

I'm still waiting for my new workstation, and stuck on my backup to my backup with a NV6800 -- that means lighting is pretty much almost off. The new material system from freyja 10 is integrated, but I'm not using it much with my gimped card. I always seem to burn out a box while working on graphics code, and this time it was my main box that died a few weeks ago. I'm done with Apple hardware. I had to run Linux on it anyway to have descent graphics drivers, but I've heard a rumor Apple may be getting off their ass and looking into fixing their stack for OLG 3.2 -- don't count on it. :)

Since I often post from a tablet PC time to bitch about one:

I noticed HP finally made public the true successor to the tc1100 tablet PC -- the Touchsmart tm2. The only bad part is that the discrete graphics is ATi/AMD this time. Awesome a tablet PC with a GPU series plagued with horrible driver support for all major OS. I like to do more than 2D art on mine, so I'm going to pass -- it's not worth the hassle. It doesn't need to run mudbox or let me run my MRT code, but no way in hell I'm going to put up with stability issues and lacking OpenGL support.