Saturday, February 9, 2008

Coup d'├ętat

No, the forum ponies didn't overthrow your beloved Dear Leader of the freyja project. I've moved to Seattle, Wa for a new job. "You can HAS a Lunar New Card, but don't ATED it!" You crazy kids and your Internet Nadsat. I'm totally up on the lingo. Mostly I send this out to friends, but for people like Plouj this is all you get. You kids don't choke on those pork buns -- you're supposed to chew them. :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

9.5 gets backport

Hey, what's this? Why it's a backport of the multitexture support from 10.x to 9.5 branch. It's got a little bug with ambient light settings affecting tex0, but hey it's a feature you didn't have yesterday in the stable branch. I went ahead and backported the Lua binding improvements from 10.x and some other minor changes. In 9.5 you have to click the 'multitexture' toggle and then use the tid spinbutton to select the texel unit. Then you can slot load in a new texture for that unit. Hey, I didn't have time to make an all new UI. :3

Report any bugs -- I'm pretty sure it'll break on one platform or another. I'll package some binaries with some shaders when I get time to fix some issues. The Yakuza 3 demos on PS3 are calling me. They're saying I should to read Japanese better.

Monday, January 7, 2008

freyja 10.x shader fun

The new shader editor is pretty fun. I may just backport it to the stable 9.5 branch if I get enough time. Here's a cute lavaish glow map. Yeah, the interface needs much improvement but the prototype is moving toward finishing up the Mesh and SkeletalMesh support now. Hopefully 10.x branch will be released in a few months with the new renderer, IK animation system, and visual shader editor. That's the problem with full rewrites you mostly restart from nil. Normally I think backporting is a waste of time, but the improved shader editor is relatively low hanging fruit.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

10.x update

Well, I decided not to post the glow in the dark elves. Here's an inoffensive example of the new material editor so far in 10.x. The drag and drop visual shader editor is not implemented as yet, so I just wrote a a simple fragment / vertex program to do the specular and normal mapping. The kicker here is that you can load all the maps directly with pointing and clicking. Sadly my mouse batteries died today while working on this. The backup mouse is going to have to do while the batteries recharge.

Not a bad showing for a completely new implementation using the old interface. I'm going to make some emissive/glow maps for you guys to see some elven action later. I took a new screenshot with a better material, and replaced the ugly test pattern. :3

Update: Talking to guys on irc too long, so I decided to post some of dozens of shaders I wrote tonight with the new material editor since it was so fun.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

freyja 10.x tracer update

I smell success! The tracer/skeleton/prealpha of 10.x is about ready for the new shader system. Hopefully I can use the remaining holiday hours to finish that much up. The 10.x build doesn't even have a new design for the UI yet, which makes sense since the branch was only started a couple of weeks ago. I'm experimenting with going all Lua for the front end and other avenues.

Please only report bugs for the 9.x series now as all major development is on the 10.x branch. Once I have basic animation and mesh editing for 10.x ready I'll post a 'preview' binary for it. Also of note 10.x only has a build system for Linux as of right now. There isn't much use providing Win32 and OS X build support until it gets to a usable state.

Right now 10.x has a stripped down 0.9.x UI with most all of the features ripped out of it due to the complete removal of legacy code in libfreyja and freyja3d ( the UI ). Therefore here's a pic of Yoko Kanno ( she smells like success ) until I get the new material system tracer done and some 'cool screenshots' to show for it.