Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Freyja Lua done!

Freyja is finished. Expect binaries released tomorrow, since everything seems to be working fine now with the RC1. I'm sure you guys can find bugs. :3

Do the constructor dance! I'm going to sync up the pictured QuakeWars animation to the BoA song 抱きしめる with a new feature coming soon to public builds. Hey, it's not a dancing Lineage II elf for once. ^^


Ubuntu packages for amd64 released.
Windows i386 RC2 released.

Monday, November 19, 2007

freyja moves to lua cont.

The Lua based client has progressed a lot today. As you can see the previous feature set is nearly complete along with some other UI enhancements. All widgets should be done now aside from some minor issues here and there. A few minor widget alignment and fill issues remain as you can see. I also don't have the mouse events completely done yet for mgtk_lua opengl_canvas either. I'm likely going to do a rewrite on the custom canvas widget soon anyway to finish off the new feature list. The new scenegraph tree widget hasn't been shown on the blog until now as well.

I hope to finish up the UI script tomorrow, but until then you can set LUA_UI 0 in the freyja/src/config.h to build the old mlisp based client. As of right now mlisp is still used for events and symbol binding at the core to retain compatibility with both scripting systems. If I can get at least back to the support level the last test build had -- don't look at me like that -- I'll do some binary releases. One of the reasons Lua rollover was bumped is to focus on being more user friendly quicker. I'm also going to start moving some glue / event code into Lua scripts once the next build is done. The next test bulid will mostly be to get the kinks out of the new UI scripting / event system before plowing into other things.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Wow, it's been a month since the last update. If you don't hang out on the irc channel I have some big news. Freyja has almost migrated fully from mlisp to Lua for UI scripting and event processing.

This current prototype UI (pictured) is generated in Lua with my updated Lua/GTK+ binding. Events can now bind to Lua /C / C++ / mlisp function handlers and even canned lua scripts. No glue code in C/C++ or mlisp is needed now. The 'tracer' Lua client is running off the same backend as mlisp client shown -- at the same time. Yeah, it's insanity.

I haven't translated the entire UI from mlisp to Lua yet, which is why its sidebar is mostly bare in the Lua based client. Most of this was done this week during down time, and this is what I bumped the other features for mentioned at the irc meetings. I'm reworking the renderer as well, but that likely won't be public until it's more stable.

On the gaming tip:
I'm now ranked #25 in QuakeWars by knife skills for those keeping score. You should also check out Uncharted on the Playstation 3 -- sure the game is awesome -- even better the animation system is so well thought out you'll be in awe. ^^