Thursday, June 21, 2007


Ok, claim down kids. I'm checking in the heightmap editor, lua binding, and slight UI improvement for this release soon. I'm holding back on the animation changes to avoid various issues. I didn't have but a couple of days this week to work on freyja, so today I wrote the Lua binding and that'll be a good bone. Mostly boring fixes for UI, bulid system, and minor features you'll likely not notice as features. Oh I guess you'd notice the paint tool has facet based heightmap and dmap painting. Most people would notice that anyway. It's not Perpixel since that would take more than a day. Notice the pretty new file shelf with Lua and Python script buttons/drop downs also. Yes, cameras will be brought back on line ASAP given heightmap editing is in -- tombraider level editing to comeback? You'll really have to beg me to dig that code back out for a rewrite. Onward to alpha release! ;)

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