Tuesday, June 26, 2007


In case you missed the IRC dicussion, the .13 release won't have a binary release this week. There were some crash bugs found, and they have now been fixed. However during that time the 'new stuff' like subdivision ( non-smoothing ) and usability 'fixes' started going it too. If you want this release you'll have to build it out of svn yourself, or wait for the next release.

Here's a pic of a snake I made with the new subdiv and the dmap brush. I guess my modeling is getting better. I'm thinking about making the dmap paint tool a lot more usable eg. for moral beings to use.

You may have heard the 0.9.6 logo is in concept. It looks like it'll be a Miko like 'mascot' to fit with the release name kagura, and everyone likes animating dancers anyway. I think it's time to show off what you can do with freyja, and a logo character is a good first step. Also being a Miko it gives a chance to have a range of nik-naks like a yumi and o-fuda or maybe even a katana. I did say concept. The WIP will become the alpha tutorial now, and the shishi o-doshi tutorial will be able to be pushed out sooner.

On the slate for next Release:
  • Finish up new keyframing.
  • More modeling and animation features. TBA
  • More usability fixes.
  • Edge editing comeback? (bonus)
  • Loop knife subdiv? (bonus)
  • Lua macros hooked up to new QueryABI.
  • LegacyABI dependency removal in UI.
  • More refactoring.

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