Saturday, June 9, 2007

It looks like there will finally be a new release this week. Huge fixes for FK animation, UV editor, etc. This just proves how much 'testers' use maya in tandem with this project, since bugs that horrible should have been noticed. I'll let you guess what they were. =)

Good news for Vampire fans. I'm slowly checking in partial XML serializers into the codebase this weekend. This means you can mix and match skeletons, meshes, weight maps, etc -- or backup your work while on the bumpy alpha road.

I've been looking at skinning some Bloodlines models to Redemption skeletons as an excuse to play with them in my demo engine and test the plugins. XML Metadata for keyframes should be in the next release also. This also means a nad 'cooker' might be coming out like the lineageII tool. Export XML and cook it into a nad... but I never know what I'll have time for when it comes to hobby work. Here's some pics you might enjoy. Yes, I'm finally going to fix the ugly arm 'icons' soon. No, I haven't skinned the Pisha mesh for the skeleton I'm animating there as you can see she's in rest. I'm sure you love her missing texture hair... those question marks are sexy! Once I have her horribly animatied corpse done I may share a video. Everyone can laugh at the programmer animating vampires so poorly -- people ask if they're zombies. I'm going to get some sleep. おやすみ ;)

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