Monday, June 11, 2007

freyja test release

I got a chance to load up the win32 build in vmware, and it looked 'ok'. The win32 build system and environment were completely rewritten/changed in a couple of hours this morning. (0100-0300)

Expect bugs, and before you ask the plugins are from and that's why you see two copys of mgtk and freyja libraries in the directory. I had to work on gtkglext 1.2.0 to get it working with the 2.10 build system, so report any issues there too. I'm considering making this the last debug+symbols test release, so that means the next release will be optimized to a degree. I'm considering tossing in SSE build options in the math lib too. It's in good enough shape now to start optimizing select subsystems. The march to 0.9.6 alpha continues. The next release will focus on UI refinement.

This release was mostly getting the new cross build system fixed, since most users are still on Windows. There were a lot of major fixes and a couple features as mentioned in the last post. The Ja model format is being deprecated this release, and Freyja will remain as a state dump format. I'm looking at compressed XML as the default down the road. Report bugs. ;)

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