Tuesday, June 5, 2007


"Where have you been?" I took off for a week in May, which many of you know. After that started on a demo for my resume last week. It may not look impressive with my programmer art, and lack of visual features. It does do XML+Lua with full macros and some more 'hardcore' aka boring things you don't care about which are nice skills to show off for under the hood. It does however stream a version of Wagner's Faust Overture I made to loop nicely while streaming from a vorbis file.

"What the hell does this have to do with freya?!" I'll tell you, dear guests. I was so impressed with how well Lua + XML worked out in my demo that I'll soon be using a system like it in my freyja non-public branch. If it goes as well as I expect -- it'll be in the next release at the end of the week. Considering python and C# API generators took a day I can't see Lua taking long either. The real issue will be replacing the mlisp/mgtk layer, which could take a couple of days. Hopefully, I'll get some free time to knock those out while working on this demo.

If I can't get the time to finally rig that mesh properly I might just use a model from Bloodlines or Redemption as a kind of gag. I already have a pisha mesh laying around... anyway I'll add a projected textures for canopy shadows and/or light beams and shadow volumes later so you guys won't cry. Maybe a cool GLSL refraction shader... yeah, like I have time. If I don't watch out I might make a full, albeit tiny game engine again. Any comments on how to improve my programmer art would be fun. At least I didn't hand draw the fonts. ;)

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