Saturday, June 16, 2007


New release coming this weekend. Finally back on track after the hell of reworking the cross compiler environment and porting a few libraries to Windows last release. This release has a lot of nice new stuff. As you can see I finally fixed the rig and animated that whacky model I got for free. I decided not to post a screenshot of the track with the winged spear attack, since it's too cheesy. I'm going to try and get Md5Anim support in this release too, but I'm baking up a storm in the kitchen later today -- no promises.

I'll tick off the best parts of the ChangeLog for you:
  • Skeleton transform back, binds to Model.
  • Md5Model plugin updated to 0.9.5 ABI.
  • Paint tool prototype for (un)weighting, (un)selecting, and material reassignment.
  • MSTL and mgtk minor updates.
  • Ja format export disabled, and will be removed next release.
  • Minor rendering updates should improve your framerate and cpu usage.
  • 'XML pieces' prototype renamed snippets with tons of new stuff added.
  • 3d 'icons' are now mostly shaded, so report if you love/hate it.
Next release will get the long awaited animation backend overhaul, which will mean better data structures for me and features for you. Currently the skinning is redone every frame still in pose/animation mode, so the next update should be a huge boon for animating larger models. Freyja is still an event based renderer, so this is a big deal even if you're not using software based OpenGL. Zipped snippets! Yes, I think it's about time to implement it too. Displacement painting? No, not unless you can convince me it's more important than fixing the animator. Currently the weight paint isn't so great, since you have to touch up vertices on face bondaries or be clever with your painting. I want to fix that first, and perhaps even try texture painting before hopping into a My Little z-brush subproject. Talk to me. I love it when users bitch. ;)

Win32 binary doesn't have plugins, so you must download the -plugins zip file to go with it. Python support was removed from this build, but if you miss it email me. I'm likely going to not release anymore python enabled win32 binaries again, since Lua plugin/macro support is coming soon. I might post a HOWTO if you want to know how to build support yourself.

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