Friday, April 27, 2007

Freyja 0.9.5 20070426

New development packages for Linux i386 (Debian/Ubuntu) are up. These include the updated query dialog and mlisp assert systems. These updates make it easy to warn the user about bad mlisp syntax/symbols and group user queries into a single *blocking* dialog.

I was hoping to get to work on animation this week, but stopping to do this first so debugging is now a breeze. Now all the libraries and the mlisp domain language hook into the libfreyja assert system, which can do the neat msgbox asserts via the freyja ui callback passed to libfreyja. Oh it's so freaking nice that you can use it for much more than breakpoint insertion / kill with info on why you hit said assert. Mlisp asserts add context about errors along with filename and line number. This beats the old debugging outside of the modeler by far. This also means you can continue on non-fatal errors/asserts now as well. I also updated some mesh generators, did a few icons, and fixed a crash in the Wavefront OBJ plugin. I'll release a Win32 bin snapshot as soon as I fix my i386 Wine to test it. I should have some x86_64 Linux bins up later as well, but I tend to do them last b/c being the native branch I don't want to leak unfinished or held back code/bins. =)

Win32 version did in fact upload around 0300 or so this morning, so title updated. I'm holding off on a x86_64 binary snapshot for now. I trust the 64bit users building right from svn anyway. ;)

Also I don't think I announced on the blog there is now bug tracking for the project at:

A great way to help the project is by filing bugs. It would be nice if someone copied all the old BUGS file bugs to the new database before I have to do it. ;)

As you can see in the TODO offical packages for Ubuntu are planned for 0.9.6. This will likely mean moving back to an automake build system, but if it looks like the autotools treadmill will be a problem I'll come up with something else instead. You should also note the new i386 packages are LTS based, and the amd64 are now Feisty based. They should work fine on LTS - Feisty, but the package dependencies might be slightly different.

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