Monday, April 9, 2007

Fourms are down!

It seems our forums hosted by ChatBear are down. I understand they recently started merging backends of two sites together, so that might be the cause. Thanks to Freyja supporters for emailing the site admin and me about it.

I wasn't planning on doing an update yet, but I guess I might as well now I have this blog post going. I have just finished the first stage of the event system rewrite for the Freyja modeler. I was planning on holding off on this, but to be honest it was crippling other efforts with other systems. I've checked in parts of the newer libs and modeler into svn, and notice I said parts don't check out now. I would stress again now is not the time to check out. The current binaries are from an older development snapshot, so continue to use them. The code in the development branch continues to make progress to a new stable release. I should have FK fixed with the new event system and partial math lib update by the end of this week. If it looks stable it'll get a binary snapshot for Windows and Linux x86_64 / i386. I know it's been a while since FK was fully working in a public snapshot, so I may toss in additional format support as a gift. No, it's not going to be the native maya plugin either. ;)

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