Sunday, April 15, 2007

Freyja 0.9.5 refactor redux

Got Builds?
Win32 builds of the new development branch RC are working again. I updated the all public plugins as well as far as I know. Win32 pthreads support is in svn too. There is a lot of new code in this build, and a lot of old code removed or rewritten. There should be noticeable performance improvements and new features. What's changed? The math lib, event system, several controllers, mstl, and generally small parts of everything. The view layout has also been slightly altered. I said I'd do a release this weekend, so I'm going to post binaries later today -- assuming no more server/power issues. ;)

FK still broken
Please note that FK didn't get fixed as of this writing. The new math library is hooked up, and for the most part finalized. It turns out the entire bone transform code path has to be verified again, since it seems it relied on mixed types before the rewrite.

Metadata support is creeping into about every libfreyja class. I'll be using XML for the metadata, which for now means you'll have to *type in the metadata in an editor window. The XML will be stored with the native freyja format, and translated for plugin formats. Later I'll consider having a GUI facade for XML tags with the option to edit directly. Clearly allowing direct editing now allows more advanced and complex use, and it's easier to debug.

Bone metadata editing will be released soon, and I'll likely update the fan favorite NAD plugin to use it. If you have existing NAD files this means you can open the editor and see the XML translation of the skeletal metadata per bone/skeleton/object. Saving would translate it back to corresponding format data.

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