Sunday, April 29, 2007


Version numbering will change with a new release tonight. A four point version number Major.Minor.Micro.Revision will be used from now on in the project. This is basically to help tell all the prealpha snapshots apart better, and testers/users don't have to remember the build ids. Also it'll be easier to track development and communicate timelines better. I finally got started on FK fixes today, and it'll be a while until we hit 0.9.6 alpha yet. If you have wishlist items not in the TODO file ( blueprint ) then you better be making your case now. I know Lineage II and NAD are very important to you guys. I haven't forgot, but I'm mostly adding features and not reverse engineering formats for this phase. I will fix any bugs you find in said support that already exists. ;)

Freyja binary snapshots should be released tonight assuming the file server plays nice.

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