Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Freyja 0.9.5 20070415

The builds are up on the file server finally. Linux x86_64/amd64 debs, Linux i386 debs, and Windows binaries with plugins have made it on the server. I held it back a bit to add the assert message boxes, so I can get some better bug reports. This build is important in that it has support for various libraries/features that were only in the Linux svn builds. I may have Linux x86_64/amd64 and i386 tarballs and up sometime tomorrow along with plugins.

What's left to do in 0.9.5?
Mostly a lot of 'housekeeping' and refactoring to remove some code so old it was from when this project had a software renderer. Some things are quiet 'boring' such as rewriting parts of the stl, and things only developers see. Some are very visible and annoying bugs caused by the much needed rewrites of the underpinnings. Please note I'm still doing most of the development from 0000 - 0400 in the morning, so excuse entries that don't make any sense. ^^

From the TODO:
  • Do another pass on this file to be sure items aren't already completed.
  • Finish OpenGLPrinter, 2d/3d billboard text using libfreetype.
  • Verify math library, enforce automated testing at build.
  • Fix mouse cursor control. eg: reverse bug, rotation not WYSIWYG, etc
  • Basic geometry previews using blend vertices buffer - avoid data mutators.
  • Skeletal animation refactor
    • Fix remaining FK issues
    • Various joint types: hinge, ball&socket, etc
    • IK solver and interface
    • New Timer for animation playback and keyframe timing
    • Bones and bone transforms in same units!
    • Finalize delta vs abs bone / keyframe transforms
    • Rework weight system to support zeroed weights and grouping
    • Merge the two bone rendering systems once debugging is done
    • Fix bone bind, bindtoworld setup in libfreyja
    • Channels support
    • Ordering support
    • Type of transform support
    • Constraints support
  • Texture buffer array per material for: diffuse/normal/gloss/data/dudv/etc
  • Replace MaterialEv Load/Save material with libfreyja format+metadata.
  • Finish breakup of GUI control into modules.
If you want to see the 0.9.6 RoadMap pull down TODO from svn. I'm dumping more of my private branch code into the public svn everyday.


Anonymous said...

hi, I installed freyja on Ubuntu Feisty and it doesn't work.

I got:

2/3 [(null)] (null), Import Export
/home/utente/.freyja/recent_files-dev: Nessun file o directory
Segmentation fault

Mongoose said...

You don't have the user account setup. Freyja won't force overwrite outdated user files at this stage of the project to be safe.

Remove your ~/.freyja directory and copy the contents of /usr/share/freyja to a new ~/.freyja/. Also I'd suggest getting a numbered release.