Sunday, January 14, 2007

New lineageII extractor

I've made an updated extractor with improved state machines for mesh pattern matching and optional interactive control. The problem is it won't always get it 100% right, since it only uses the few generic patterns I could add for now. This isn't so bad, since it also embeddeds candidates of the various mesh patterns it didn't use into it's output. You guessed it! If it doesn't extract a valid mesh you can pass in the output as input to improve pattern matching. I was going to release a brute force system that would always work, however it's very resource intensive. I might actually implement such a system with threads later just to beat up on my dual core system.

I've tested this on the male elf and several boss creatures like sailren, so it should be a good general solution albeit a pain in the ass for now. I'll post a screenshot once I make a binary for general release. There is source in svn, but doesn't have some the features I just added today.

Bad news, I found a bug for out of order wedges ( new supported feature ). I won't be posting a binary until this is fixed. The good news once I fix this you might see 100% extractions much more commonly. I'll see if I can post some screenshots of a boss later, but I want to have it spit one out perfect without my fiddling even once. ;)

The screenshot above is of an ice fairy to visualize the bug. I overlayed the text signature of the generated OBJ as well in the screenshot. If you ever played with the RE plugin in freyja you'll notice this is a common pattern caused by file stream offset displacement. It's kind of easy to fix even if you don't know what you're doing. You could just keep advancing your offset until it 'looks right'. Once I fix this bug hopefully you won't have to do that very much if at all.


Anonymous said...

Where i can get new lineage II extractor?

Mongoose said...

Currently it's in SVN ( source repository ). I was going to hold off on binaries until I had time to do the automated version focused on L2.