Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Freyja 0.9.5rc3_5 patch out

New patch for Windows users up, and a new build of the 'batch tool' freyjautil. My network has been lagging out a lot lately, since I'm on wireless in the middle of all this rain yay! Anyway this patch will fix all your path relative plugin loading. From now on all Windows builds only use path relative plugins. For example if you want a binary C/C++ plugin to load it has to be in ./plugins/model or ./plugins/image from where you run the freyja.exe. No more having to move plugins from your Documents and Settings or such. The Python loader doesn't care about this at all.

No new Linux bins, but all this and more is in svn as always. Now that freyja has debian packaging in svn I'll likely be doing less binaries than ever before. If you have Ubuntu or Debian you can just get svn and run dpkg-buildpackage for each lib and then the freyja UI/client. Instant deb packages.

I hope everyone had a happy holiday, and keep those bug reports coming. I didn't get time to fix the editor bugs from the end of December yet, which is due to bumping the Windows plugin fixes ahead in the queue. I'm also going to get all the old CLI tools building and working agian as well as the 0.9.3 release or better.

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