Monday, September 17, 2007


I wasn't able to work on my CELL project Sunday, so I tossed that time into doing some extra features and bugfixes for freyja. In fact by the time I was done I cleared out every bug in the 'on deck' queue except for the Lineage II import from pak bug. Well kids, it is first in first out. This also means it's now at the top of the list.

There will be Windows and Linux i386 packages tomorrow, and I'll likely make new Linux PPC64 and AMD64 packages as well. The screenshot to the right shows users now have a way to reset all editor colors with a single button now, so I don't want to see anymore black screens in the forums. Little things like that can be a big deal to some, since it was the #1 'bugfix' request in the entire project. ^^

Most of the features enhance the user experience in some form or another, however they're quiet subtle. The obsolete flat file formats for freyja model and material got new filedialog and recent files usage for example. The more important issue was the roadmap has been updated. Read the ChangeLog and TODO for details.

The march to 'modular freyja' continues as more subsystems are refactored and new designs are implemented. One of my favorites is the freyja UI will be completely replaced by a new set of libraries and scripts by the freyja 0.9.6 release. Coming up for the release:
  • All new native freyja file format, which is zipped XML a la COLLADA.
  • New camera system.
  • Optimizations to Mesh for improved memory usage.
  • True edge based editing. ( No more marking vertex pairs. )
  • The new Metadata design gets additional major functionality.

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Igor said...

What version of lineage2 it supports? LA2 c5? interlude?
because i tryied to open usx files from interlude client, and it is not worked...