Friday, September 7, 2007

freyja freyja everywhere...

Where are the binary releases!?

Well, it's this simple I found some huge bugs and didn't release any. To make up for making elves cry I'll toss you guys a bone. This Monday ET: QuakeWars demo will be released. To celebrate I'm uploading a new plugin to import / export these models, but know that they haven't been tested very well much like the old Md5 support.

Speaking of tests... regression testing is coming to the cmake build system to stamp its foot on the chests of bugs. The current tests aren't very formalized, but I guess that's ok given the current state of development.

This does mean now every new module will need at least a *working* and *active* unit test to be committed now. No more using "cmake sucks" as an excuse. I'll see about scripting some cmake / ctest / svn commit scripts for extra safety. Also the new 'IK friendly' terrain system is up in midgard now as well. Now I just need to make it pretty and toss in some more features here and there for a public release. I'm still trying to get a fulltime job, since contract work isn't paying off for me. This means if I'm doing a lot of interviews and such time for this project will continue to suffer.

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