Monday, October 1, 2007

freyja dev cont

I have returned! I've just finished cooking a nice Japanese homestyle fried Spanish mackerel dinner. I just caught the fish only yesterday! No, that picture is one of the red drum I caught -- not said mackerel which are nearly the size of the bait I used to catch the drum. I caught a few drum on light bass tackle, but I broke about 4-5 leaders in the process. It's a good thing I don't live on the coast, or I'd fish and bake all day I fear. Baking and fishing are so manly! ^^

Now that I'm back to my workstation, development on freyja can continue. I need to find a salary job just to avoid going all over the place. I'm going to be implementing a new thread pool, vertex array, and finishing up the animator for non-skeletal animation this week. I might also add in a sky generator to prototype for kuzu. Big Mongoose's Fishing Tourney and Pizza Bake Off 2008! Oh hell no, but with a name like that EA would love to publish it I'm sure. ^^

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