Saturday, September 15, 2007

Freyja binary release tonight.

I have to attend another dinner this weekend, however I cranked out full metadata support before I leave! I think I fixed enough bugs and tossed in enough features for the .16 release now. I'll go back and rework the public TODO as well, since it's become some wishlist dumping ground again. I wrote most of this from 0100 - 0300 this morning. Report any bugs! ;)

This means that editing is about to get a lot easier with far less modes to worry about. Also it means you can import metadata objects which carry XML / plain text with them. You can also use mesh snippets as 'icons'. I don't material support or lighting done for the icons yet, but I did add a cheap outline for them really quick. Right now it has a basic text editing of the XML payload, but later I'll use the new QueryDialog support to dynamically generate widgets for the XML tags optionally. Cameras and Lights will become metadata based soon, which will bring more depth via a property dialog. Also you can edit all metadata objects from the same major mode. Enjoy a some sushi with a yatai on the beach. I could add animation for the icons at a later date. The general ideas are icons are editable meshes, instanced, and are mostly for things like level editing model/waypoint placement.

There will be a binary releases for: Linux PPC, AMD64, and i386; Windows. I'm going to start working on a new SPU accelerated mesa for PS3Linux Sunday as well. I hope to improve speed well enough to release a small game engine to the community -- along with freyja to make/edit content. Basically, I'm making a PS3Linux game SDK. This SDK / engine is known as project kuzu. One of the goals is to make 720p OpenGL games a possibility on the platform. I'll see if I can post some screens of the game engine running on the PS3 later in the week. Well, I have to go. At least it's free food, but hopefully it won't be food from the Outback. ^^

Update: ( 0322 )
Dinner was canceled, so I ended up doing some 'yard work'. I cut down some trees that were in danger of falling over from the recent storms. Needless to say I did not get free food. I *am rather lucid considering what time it is I suppose. Look at all those grammar errors above. This is what Saturdays are for, right?. Cutting a new Open Source project release is serious party time. ;)

PPC64 Ubuntu packages are uploading right now, and I'll toss the other builds up tomorrow. The PS3 I was using for building the packages needed a lot of package updates to say the least. I hope to get the new CELL SDK 3.0 'early release' on it soon, but I hit a few snags today.

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