Friday, January 8, 2016

Ambient Occlusion Test

Hooked up AO for the test character I barrowed, and fixed a few material issues.  Visualization of AO affecting the fallback skylight on the left, and AO off on the right.  The final image is with AO on both sides.  I like to do a lot of material testing with a simple directional light shader like this as I can reload shaders via the HTTP interface in my engine, and it will back prop changes to materials as needed as well.  Fast iteration!

AO visualization, left: on, right: off

left: on, right: off

Normal AO on

Here's the in-game G-Buffer visualization, and note I only clear parts of my MRT as I stencil out non-deffered in the geometry pass.  That's why you see the wavey lines on some visualizations.

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