Tuesday, January 8, 2008

9.5 gets backport

Hey, what's this? Why it's a backport of the multitexture support from 10.x to 9.5 branch. It's got a little bug with ambient light settings affecting tex0, but hey it's a feature you didn't have yesterday in the stable branch. I went ahead and backported the Lua binding improvements from 10.x and some other minor changes. In 9.5 you have to click the 'multitexture' toggle and then use the tid spinbutton to select the texel unit. Then you can slot load in a new texture for that unit. Hey, I didn't have time to make an all new UI. :3

Report any bugs -- I'm pretty sure it'll break on one platform or another. I'll package some binaries with some shaders when I get time to fix some issues. The Yakuza 3 demos on PS3 are calling me. They're saying I should to read Japanese better.

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