Saturday, January 5, 2008

10.x update

Well, I decided not to post the glow in the dark elves. Here's an inoffensive example of the new material editor so far in 10.x. The drag and drop visual shader editor is not implemented as yet, so I just wrote a a simple fragment / vertex program to do the specular and normal mapping. The kicker here is that you can load all the maps directly with pointing and clicking. Sadly my mouse batteries died today while working on this. The backup mouse is going to have to do while the batteries recharge.

Not a bad showing for a completely new implementation using the old interface. I'm going to make some emissive/glow maps for you guys to see some elven action later. I took a new screenshot with a better material, and replaced the ugly test pattern. :3

Update: Talking to guys on irc too long, so I decided to post some of dozens of shaders I wrote tonight with the new material editor since it was so fun.

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