Monday, May 7, 2007


Many, many bug fixes and minor features in this release. FK is fully working again aside from usability issues. It's about time to start writing some user documentation, but that will wait for alpha's stable underpinnings. IK did not get released, and may be put on hold for a while. I found some very annoying bugs in the interface / event system caused, which I fixed -- yet more remain. Mostly it's due to buggy gtk+ file dialogs, so I'm going to be reworking those for
This mostly means when you save it'll do annoying things like save twice depending on how you trigger the file dialog action. I'm tempted to write my own file dialog widgets again after this... Here's an ugly screen displaying some wonderus programmer art of me throwing a character 'model' out the building. Yeah, when I do scratch tests some real 'art' is made in the 10mins it takes to make a new skeleton / mesh / skin / animate. =/

Windows and Linux binaries will be out either tonight or tomorrow as the file server allows. If you're scratching your head over all the new texture generators... you might care to know I'm going to restore the auto UV mapping to it's former glory for the next release too. If you find any bugs as always please file them. Your bug reports save the lives of countless stick men!

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