Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Animator news

As the animator moves along it's time to start adding pretty, pretty UI elements. I wrote some weak bisymmetry to the skeletal system today. This helps me crank out better looking stick men as you can see. Not bad for an animator that is still prealpha. Finally, the idea of pulling out all the features and reimplementing them is paying off big time. IK is still on hold pending the bug found in The release should have a ton of bug fixes and other features you'll enjoy.

I'm still hitting a lot of annoying bugs in the UI controls, so by the time alpha is out you can go back to having a trusty file I/O and lots of pretty autogenerated plugin preferences. Yes, I did cheat and reuse a mesh. I'll toss up some pics of the skeleton, skinning, etc so you can tell me if my programmer art is getting better. ;)

No need to ask... the Lineage II UI plugin will have pak support for release. The skeleton you see above may be included with this plugin. It's possible to dynamically skin PC models, but I think it would be better to spend that time on RE. Depending on time I may peek at L2/UE2 skeletal serialized dumps. If it looks like a 'mini feature' you will get it, since this is the #1 requested feature of this project as of now. Several plugins will likely continue being updated from the legacy API this week too. You'll notice in the screenshot I got around to updating the SMD support for skinning today.

Please remember this project isn't meant to unseat blender or anything of that nature. It's an old hobby project I dusted off to remake into something more akin to milkshape. ;)

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