Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Bug fixes coming this week.

Hey hey kids. I think it's kind of crazy that I'm coding at 0300-0430 tonight, but the results are pretty nice. I got a ton of fixes and API updates in just after a few hours from last release.
  • FK and skinning are about 99% done
  • New dialog button icons
  • PSK plugin update ( it using legacy API )
  • Tons more skeletal visualization options
  • A little optimization here and there
  • Fixed a bug in bone pick ray from
I plan to wrap up the FK fixes tomarrow, so I can get working on IK and physics tests. I'll keep updating plugins as I have extra time to the new APIs. It's looking better everyday for features needed for NOD support, but not there yet. Here's a pic of the FK fixes so far for your amusement. I'll continue to work on UI issues/features as I come to them as well. The generated UI for plugin import/export options might come in this week too, but it all depends on how much free time I get.

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