Saturday, December 8, 2007

freyja final

They be patrolling, and they be hate'n. They trying to catch me covert'n dirty. Well, now that the Singstar hip hop intro is over... I got in a work around for a bug in Gtk+, so the release is going to go out with some minimal time/range slider UI elements. This is a development release after all, so you can't complain. Look for Windows and Linux binaries tomorrow.

I hope you like it, since for .18 you'll be getting a lot more use out of it with the new freyja animation system. I think I'll start testing UV animation next in the private branch, and maybe get a path animation demo up later.


Ubuntu Gutsy amd64 packages and the Windows zip are up. I'm having to upgrade a chroot I use for i386 package building, so that package architecture might be released a day later with the ppc packages. The amd64 ubuntu packages were pulled and reuploaded a few times today due to a last minute bug fix and network errors. If you had problems you might want pull down new packages, since the bugfix was for user data setup. Pretty important to run the application given how much scripting and plugins are used.

Again if anyone wishes to donate an OS X box for native builds I'll humbly except. I would love to support native Gtk+ instead of X11 on OS X. If you have OS X build problems report them, since I'm unable to test changes myself. :3

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