Tuesday, December 4, 2007

freyja final coming

Well, freyja continues to move along at its own pace. I've redesigned the UI some more since the Lua rollover and fixed several bugs in the new Lua based client. As I move to a more 'professional' look and feel and 'unhide' functionality by providing better tool layout and grouping -- it's as if it's a new project altogether. Now that the Lua rollover is done I can focus on important usability and tool features. I should have all the skeletal -> morph tools back in the UI shortly. I just don't have time to make icons for all of them. Expect many bug fixes with the final release this month. ^^

I'm still removing legacy systems while replacing them with more robust and easier to maintain code. Expect tons of backend and frontend changes for The new animation control system will likely be the most important feature change. Finally you won't need to hassle with obtuse scrubber events, since I'm making a custom widget to replace the Gtk+ scrubber. I hope to work in a new path animation tool before the end of the year, which might bump the A/V sync tool. If you want to 'vote' for a feature drop by irc or email me to state your case.

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