Saturday, August 18, 2007

What the hell is going on?

This has been a busy week, and I barely got to touch Freyja or Kuzu again. This week should see the lua wrapper for mgtk checked into svn, and I've already ticketed another build system rewrite. WTF?! Yeah, you see Cmake 2.6 will finally support proper cross compile builds. This means I can remove the 'parallel track' build system. Instead of maintaining 2 build systems and 4+ rulesets for the project -- I would be able to reduce to one build system and 3 rule sets. I've updated the roadmap accordingly. I have no idea when they'll have this out either, so it's just ticketed for now. This also means I didn't have time to work on any Lineage II tools. I'll likely take a stab with those and Oblivion tools Sunday. I don't like to see Elves cry.

Speaking of Cmake... The current Cmake build on OS X doesn't work w/o the libtool injection hack I've discussed with dtm. If you want more information bug dtm, since he's the official OS X punching bag now. Yes, you still have to build Cmake from source until fink adds recent builds. I may have forgot to mention that before on the blog, but I'm sure if you managed to get all the dependency packages built you figured that out too. As far as I know it's a limit of Cmake, but if it's not instead of bitching on internet forums email me or dtm to fix it. I don't even have OS X anymore, so I was just reading documentation and guessing when I wrote the OS X build patches. It's amazing to me they even work. Perhaps more amazing the documentation was correct. ^^

I'm going to try and write a weeks worth of code for Freyja today, so wish me luck. I'm trying pretty hard not to get hit by the metaphorical bus again. If I get the new Lua based UI done today I'll post a pretty screenshot perhaps even with a pony. I know how you guys love ponies.

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