Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm back!

The Playstation 3 build of freyja is now forked off. I'll release updated binaries for Win32 users Sunday night as discussed. Due to all that's happened the roadmap will be reworked. Yes, it sucks but life happens. Expect another bug fix build, which mainly focuses on fixes for Win32. I'm likely going to shift the Lua based UI to the top of the TODO given it could help regain time with increased productivity.

Unoptimized Playstation 3 Linux packages *may come out next week. The long forgotten big endian code in the system facade needs major fixes to bring it up to speed it seems. Those of you that remember the first modeler I wrote may recall it used a joystick as an input device -- that's all I'm saying for now. It was always great for presentations anyway. No screens as of yet.

My Secret Game Engine Project ( SGEP ) hasn't been touched for a while now. I'm going to dust that off and see if I can rip out half the codebase to toss into freyja's svn. Stripping it down and porting it would be worthwhile given the feedback I've seen so far. I have no timeline for that.

Win32 binaries of the build, which includes the requested tools, is uploading right now. This build is a debug build with symbols, so get to testing. All you need is cygwin setup with gdb or ddd if you like UIs for debugging.

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