Sunday, December 24, 2006

UI refactoring

Finally getting around to cleaning up the UI side of freyja. I'm going to try and get all transforms under a central method, and finally get full undo/redo for all object types. Right now certain modes don't offer undo and I think builds still have redo disabled. A lot of these are easy to implement, but I have to get policies in place that make sense. I found a bug in the aging libhel that might have to be addressed before I can finish the UI refactor. How do I test transforms you ask? Apparently I can make a sweet Cobra Commander helmet by randoming transforming any object without even extruding. It also gets me thinking about custom group colors, since groups do double duty in 0.9.5 for smoothing and quick transforms. Why pink, orange, yellow, and gray you ask? I don't have the answer other than that's the only colors I could think of at the time. Maybe I should add custom colors while I'm thinking about it. =)

I've also recently checked some new features into the backend for allowing ye olde geometry lists like in 0.9.3 and previous versions. I might even make ABI wrappers for them, since you can avoid having to use flags for various operations that support the lists. The backend is certianly more robust than the UI, so that's why I'm going to shift to refactoring the front end.

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