Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I might get some time to update the codebase tomorrow. I had food poisoning today, and was out for holidays before that. I'm going to finish up my holiday shopping tomorrow by using some gift cards. I hope to get a nice cook's or paring knife if I can afford it. It's a lot of basic transform code that's the most annoying for users now. Now is the time to fix the low hanging fruit. ;)

I'll try and make time to get all these quick transform changes:
  • Rotation cursor fixes for rendering vs actual transform.
  • Multi-object modes might get a new UI design to avoid confusing the user.
  • Basic geometry previews will use blend vertices buffer to avoid changing actual data.
  • Hook up UV transforms, and flesh them out.
  • Update the ABI with new transforms, and avoid doing transform algorithms in client.

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