Sunday, July 6, 2014

While you were eating BBQ

I got hopped up on some strong marsala chai and cranked out a ton of updates to kagura3d.  Getting ahead of schedule for my DK2 demo!  :D

* Updated BRDFs and material IDs including a more optimized GGX.  Thanks John Hable!
* Added back some in-engine editor features using antweakbar!  This was mainly to allow editing when you can't have a second display / tablet handy to control the editor remotely via HTML5 UI.
* Hand painted dozens of new textures to convert most of the old assets to Physically-Based Materials.
* Made dozens of new materials for PBS.
* Removed tons of old shaders that existed before PBS support in the engine.
* Updated a few of the old pure voxel terrain and pure heightmap terrain based test scenes.
* Got out blender and worked with exporter, so I can finally export some new animated meshes!
* Updated all the documentation.

Yeah, there is still a lot of support lacking in the in-game viewport editor vs remote editor:

I'm looking for an artist to animate some basic sets like walk / run for MakeHuman meshes.  If you can do original character models or environmental deco contact me as well.  Mainly looking to get assets better than my programmer art and fanart I can't reuse later.  If you have Unity Store Assets I may be able to use those FBX in my engine now blender can import that format.  I am also willing to donate cash to people to fix some commonly used CC0 assets such as the viewmodel arms that need rerigging with a common root to export with animation.  BTW those arms aren't even UV mapped the material is applied magically.  :)

If the models work with this md5mesh exporter then good to go:

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